Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Friendship - What's that?

I hate it when people say stuff like "my friends are the most important things in my life"! (things?) Maybe it's the J factor, 'coz i never felt that way about any friend. I don't think I can point at any of my friends and say "He/she knows me completely". Actually i can't even say "He she knows me" about most of my best friends, but you see, they still remain my 'best friends'.

Maybe I just define friendship in a whole different way. For me, friends aren't people you go to when you feel like crying (I go into my room and lock my door if i feel like a good cry). They aren't people who i confide my deepest secrets in (in that case, i have no friends!) Friends aren't even people who make you feel better, cause different people make you feel better at different times and the same person who cheered you up last semester can make you feel down in the dumps with the help of just one conversation!!

My Dad tells me I have too many friends.. Maybe I do.. What with school, college, insti, summer projects, neighbours.. one can't help having a lot of friends! But the point is that I'm equally close with a lot of people, thus leaving my really close with noone. And I like it that a way.

I like to organise things in my head.. Friends, wether they aprove of it or not, get classified - school, summer, home, camps, college, inisti, neighbours, good, close, best, kindred, etc.. But none of these groups are mutually exclusive. People keep jumping back and forth that I wonder if it's even worth it. And at the end of the day, I'm just plain confused and end up writing incoherent articles like this!!!!

A year ago, I sent this message to 8 of my school friends:
"Prashant asked me what connects my school friends.. What the bond is.. This is what I said: My friends and I, I don't really know.. But there is something, cause even in school we always knew that someone else didn't "belong".. Maybe it's that we like doing the same thing..Hanging out in the same places, shopping for similar things.. We like talking talking about the same subjects.. Give importance to the same things.. like studies always comes first.. But only during exams.. Otherwise no studying business! Just party.. We all talk sense, think straight, do not exaggerate or lie to impress, and are responsible.. yeah, I guess it's a combination of all this. Most importantly, we give each other space and yet go back knowing that there is a friend out there! You know, a feeling which I KNOW will last forever.."
These are the replies i got:
Deena, Divvya, Madhu and Suganya: "Who's prashant?"
Anisha: "Dude, are you okay?"
Soumya: "huh? gal.. why suddenly?"
The other two didn't even bother replying!!!!
But many months later, we had all met up in barista and the topic of that message came up and I found that they had all saved that message.. Is that what it's all about??