Tuesday, February 19, 2008


In layman terms, according to quantum mechanics, ever electron/proton/neutron in your body is delocalised all over the universe. So essentialy, I'm everywhere.. In Paris, Venice, Spain, North Pole, the Sun, the andromeda galaxy.. everywhere.. Omnipresent.

So, if I every miss another wedding/birthday party/baptism/engagement/etc.. Just remember, I was there! Or a part of me, at any rate..

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Summer's here...

You know summer's here when:
~you cannot stay in a room without a fan for more than 5 secs.
~you are once again thinking of chopping your hair short!
~the only thought running through your mind is "bath.. bath.. bath.."
~you kick away your bedsheets in the night!
~you don't care if the monkeys come in, you keep the window open anyway..
~you look at your full sleeved dress and you wonder what made you buy them!
~your face starts resembling as oil field!
~you drink more water than the food you take in!
~blue skies no longer make you happy!
~for the first time, you don't care that the solar water heater has conked!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Chennai - it's beaches and the elite.

Okay, I'm supposed to be typing out a project proposal.. (Ranj is gonna kill me when she comes back!) But that being the most boring thing in the world, I decided to blog. Honestly, writing a project proposal out of thin air is real hard work! Ask anyone - they'll tell you.

Anyway, we went to the beach last saturday.. The whole damn class. The HoD took u, believe it on not. We met at the GC and cylced all the way out, went towards Anna Univ and took a U, cycled up the flyover and down - the down part was way way fun. And it was super-ool to cycle as a big gang. Imagine 30 people cycling down the road together! You'd stare, right? Aarti fell down while coming down the flyover, hit herself against the railing and stubbed her toe. But that didn't stop her from fooling around in the water for an hour and a half like the rest of us!!!

Initially we were told that we can wet our feet. Max. But of course the guys went 50 mts into the water and we girls went about 10.. Fun stuff. We were soaked to the skin.

Missed the sunrise though, thanks to the clouds. Of course half the gang missed it because they were looking in the opposite direction waiting for Aarti and her convoy.. A bunch of guys who strived to "not let her die", as she put it! ;-)

Now being the bunch we are, we didn't stop with one accident. We also managed to lose our cycle key in the sea, causeing us to approach the HoD and requesting him to break the lock!! He said he didn't know how to himself, so hired a guy there to do it. Quantum Mechanics isn't everything, I guess!

Anyway, around 9 o clock, we packed, went to Murugan Idly store where the said HoD treated all of us. We had coffe which tasted out of the world - the idly and vada were okay, but the rest of the gang - who've never tasted proper idly before loved it!!

We cycled back - me leading the way - as if I knew everything about adayar! Adayar!!! i must've been there twice in my entire life before IIT!!! Sheesh! Of course, if I said I didn't know, there'll be cries of "local girl!".. What one has to put up with these days..

But you know what reaally gets me mad? When someone curses this city of mine! Which my friends constantly do. I mean, they have absolutely no right to speak! The don't even know the city! They're in their snug campus full of deers and monkeys and they have no idea what's there in the rest of the city!! Like this guy who said "ha, why would i go out to a restaurant? you only get idly and vada anyway!" WTF?? I have NEVER - never eaten idly in a chennai restaurant before last saturday (except palimar, but that is purely due to hunger striking when I'm finacially low, so it doesn't count!). At least some of them are willing to take an initiative to get to know the city.. The rest just sit and crib and crib and crib.

That is why I still love and terribly all those irresponsible, happy-go-luck, MCCians. all of them were like that and most of them were not localites. But fact is, every single one of them gave this city a chance and every single one of them fell in love with it. And from what i've seen, anyone who's lived here for 3 years agrees when I say "it's home"..