Saturday, December 26, 2009

Coming back to you...

After a recent trip to visit one of my best friends from school, I am missing all my school friends badly. So here's a post dedicated to all of them. :-)

There is something about your school friends which allows you to just be yourself. Maybe it's the fact that they know you too well.

You don't have to explain names and dates and events or books or teachers or TV shows to them. They went through it all with you once upon a time. They know exactly what(or who) they're talking about. They're just slightly surprised that you also remember that!

You don't have to(read: can't) pretend. They'll see right through your pretensions.

You don't have to worry about doing or saying something stupid. Chances are you've said something stupider and they still remember to tease you about it!

You don't have to worry about a bad hair day when you're with them. They were with you at the parlour when you got the worst haircut ever!

You don't have to hold back your opinions when you're around them. They know your reaction even before you do.

They don't look down upon you when you stalk people on facebook to find out the gossip. They're merely happy to get the news!

The remain some of the most interesting and fun people you have met till date!

And most importantly - it doesn't matter that you haven't met them in years (which it was in my case) and you are in completely different stages of your lives (both personal and professional). It doesn't matter that in those years you think you've 'changed a lot'. She doesn't and you guys pick up exactly where you left off and it feels like you're back in your pink and white having lunch under the trees!

Friday, December 25, 2009

'Tis the season to be jolly!

Judging by the number of people going "you haven't updated your blog in a long time... what happened?", apparently a lot more people follow my blog than I thought! Which suprises me, yes. And also makes me extremely conscious of what I'm typing! :-(

Therefore, from now on, more neutral stuff. No more angry growing pains problems and silly antics. No more kiddish fights and delights. More serious stuff. More grown up, thought provoking blogs. More science and research and less frivolous coffee tales. That will be my new year resolution.

And since it isn't not new year yet, let me proceed to tell you about the snowman we built.

So we wake up last saturday morning (alright, afternoon!!) to find that we finally have enough snow to build a snowman. So we promptly proceed to build one. Problem is, none of us had ever built one before and so it was all trial error. So we tossed a few ideas around and settled on building one giant pile and making creases on the side for the head. For resons all too obvious, that didn't work out. So one of the guys flicked a snow shovel from his neighbour(don't ask!) and his other guy took out his wind-shield scraping thingy and together they brought a LOT of snow from else where! Bring the only person with two pairs of gloves (what? I feel cold!) I had to pat down the snow as they drop it. So then we piled a bunch of snow on the ground and I patted it down to make the body. And they piled another bunch on the shovel and someone else patted it down to make a hemisperical head and we put one on top of the other and used the scraper to make the hemisperical head to almost sperical head. Then we took someone's scraf, carrots for eyes, stick for nose and hand and berries for coat buttons and voila, we made this.

Je te presente Flakes! :-)

Isn't he adorable?

Oh, and the cap, that's mine. And no, normally, it isn't covered with snow! Somebody *glares in the person's direction* decided it might be fun to douse me with snow as I worked hard on the snowman. *more stony glares*

Understandably, a snow fight ensued, but since they made me prime target, an account of it would not potray me in a good light, so why would I want to put up a belittling image of myself?

Anyway, we understand that that is by no means the best way to make a snowman and would be greatful to anyone who could tell us tropical creatures, how exactly to make one!!

I guess, I shalt bid you fine people goodbye, leaving you with the thought for the day:

You know those few seconds when you're on a flight and decending but haven't yet touched the ground? And then you hit the ground and you're going super fast? And for a fraction of a second you hold your breadth and when you see yourself slowing down you start breathing again? Do you think the pilot holds his breadth too at the same time? Kinda like when you jump off something high and wonder if you're going to fall unhurt, even though you kinda are in control? Or when you make a turn in a curvy road?
*sings*... and I wonder..

Since I know now a lot of people miss me on the blog-o-sphere, I promise to be more regular.Maybe you will get lucky and even get a blog on the Carolinas!

But for now, that's all folkes!