Friday, January 01, 2010

The begining of the cloyingly sweet

I did not like 2009. No siree. It was all downs. Right from the beginning. Right from New Years day! The only part of the year I liked, nay, loved, was the summer. It was a lovely 4 months of, well.. nothing to do.

Anyway, it's 2010 now. Doesn't feel like a new year though. Watched the ball drop on TV. Whatte rip off. That's not saying I won't spend at least one cold 31st night at Times Sq. I will.

My cousins and I - we baked a layer chocolate cake. With chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles. In every single book I've read, the cake acts as an omen. The Chalet School, Enid Blyton stories, L. M. Montgomery, An Old Fashioned Girl - they all predict the furture/the start of a new year/project/event with a cake baked for the occasion. So I was all "lets see how this cake turns out".

And the cake was super sweet. So sweet that my littlest cousin got a sugar high after eating a piece and half.

So, I guess this means this year is going to be super-sweet too. At least acc. to the books.

Mind you, I ain't complaining!

Have a great 2010, you guys!