Monday, June 28, 2010

Aachi was right.

"தன் கைய்யே தனக்கு உதவி" she said. I do not know how much she believed in it, but now I think that's about as true as it gets.

Translation: "Your hand is the only one that helps you"

*Aachi - what I call(ed) my grandma.

Friday, June 18, 2010

No more excuses

Now that Chicken L. is back I decided to make a comeback too. Seriously for the past few months the blog sphere has been dying. And the few 'famous bloggers' who were still blogging seem immature and highly opinionated. They resisted conservatism so much that they ended up being close minded about it! Hence I grew sadder and sadder till I finally gave up coming here until one fine day who should I see posting - but CL herself. That's reason enough right?

I made a quick tour though and realised things were the same. Take the discussion on that Priya Ramani's post on India for example. I first came across it on Google Buzz (yes, there are people who actually use it!!!!!) when an aquaintance had put it up as a 'fail post'. I completely agree with him and also think that girl(woman) is an idiot who doesn't know what she's talking about (no, seriously. Where in US did she go if she didn't have strangers on the bus pouring their heart out to her or find people spitting on the road?). But to actually defend the article...!!!
Or another famous blogger who thinks posting sensational stuff is what gets her readers.
Or the other one who dramatized death! The death of the person close to her was actually the punch line of her post!!! I mean, seriously.

Oh and the actually fun bloggers - like PI, Ess, Mads, Mathika, Sayuja, Nikita, DJ, etc.. - they blog no more. Or more rarely than me.

Anyway, those were my excuses until CL's recent post.

I dedicate my comeback to her.