Saturday, May 29, 2010

The city wars.

Ever since I joined MCC, I have been subjected to what I shall henceforth refer to as "City wars". You know what I'm talking about - Chennai vs Bombay/Delhi/Calcutta, etc. This poor blog has also been subject to a few of them.

However, I have decided, the wars - they shall stop. Simple because if I have a right to love my hometown with a passion and find every other place pale in comparison, everyone else has a right to feel the same way about their hometown, do they not?

On the other hand though, those who do not have a 'hometown' - the ones who do not understand what I'm talking about when I call a city "home", or what a phrase like "Panamarathila vavvala, Chennai kae savvala?" (Seriously, what do you say if someone asks you to translate it? It doesn't make any literal sense but it makes so much sense at the same time!) really means, I do not think there is any point in fighting with them over something they won't (will never) get! I cannot explain to them, why Chennai, with everything they deem atrocious, is still the best place in the whole wide world - to me. It's like explaining why we love rain to someone who's lived in Western Pennsylvania all their life! It just cannot be explained.

So over all, the city wars have stopped. For me at least. It's pointless really.

In any case, my only real weapon is/was "Chennai is home". That's all I got. That's all that's valid. That's all it takes.

Took me long enough to get here, right?


Girl of Destiny said...

For us uninitiated, explain the bit about the Western Penn.

Roshan George said...

Probably a rainy place.

Spica said...

I guess not being able to explain goes both ways, huh?

Okay, imagine cloudy cloudy days. And the rain is light - very light and very boring. And cold. So you can't go out and dance in it. It's cold anyway, so the rain doesn't bring you any relief. You're just stuck at home. No sunshine through the windows either. It's grey and dull and cold. You can;t do ANYTHING in that weather. And imagine suddenly every single thing you read in the Enid Blyton books about why sunny/hot days are beautiful start to make sense.

We don't have that in India. We love the rain there, don't we? Here, they don't. They dislike it. I dislike it here too. But I love the rain in Chennai.

Arulz said...

Sadly Western Penn sounds a lot like Oregon. And I can relate to the rain part. And the city wars :)