Monday, June 28, 2010

Aachi was right.

"தன் கைய்யே தனக்கு உதவி" she said. I do not know how much she believed in it, but now I think that's about as true as it gets.

Translation: "Your hand is the only one that helps you"

*Aachi - what I call(ed) my grandma.


Roshan George said...

Wait, what does it mean? Something along the lines of "God helps those who helps themselves" (without the God)? or something along "Count on no one. Rely only on yourself"?

Spica said...

"Count on no one - rely only on yourself", I guess. Only said more poetically. As in, "only your hand helps you.. no one else's does".

Roshan George said...


decapentaplegi said...

Hi Chitra!Nice blog!:D keep blogging!:)-Dhvani.